Monday, October 1, 2007

The Driscoll Train and The Invite Person or Dude

Steve Knight posted a giant summary of the responses to Driscoll rolling around the internet. Also a little FYI, The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has canceled their invite of Doug Pagitt to an event later this month. Outside of not being surprised, thinking they are still going the way of the buffalo, and desiring to avoid using bad language I want to say something to whomever initially invited Doug. I am glad you are still in the NCBSC. I am also glad you thought about trying to get new voices in. I am sorry your attempt failed because Driscoll called out your invite of his heretic friend, who is probably out a couple thousand for the canceled speaking engagement, during his guest lecture at SEBTS. I am glad that you are there invite dude. If you are down right now remember the 'p' of tulip and keep on chooglin. (p=perseverance of the saints)

UPDATE: here is a great post by Tony Cartledge that explains what happens. also, steve knight was right the invite person was apparently Chad Hall and he is no longer a NCBSC employee......


Steve K. said...


Just a heads up, I understood from reading Tony Cartledge's blog that Chad Hall was the one who consulted (at the very least, if not actually making the call) on the decision to invite Doug -- based on requests from past conference participants for them to invite Doug. But (unrelated to all of this) Chad is no longer with the BSCNC. So FYI. I could be wrong about all that, but that's how it sounded to me.

Steve K.

NYCDave said...

Hi Tripp,

I was sitting up tonight thinking about life and thought of you, looked you up on google and just wanted to say I am so happy for you (baby) and proud of all you are doing (school, ministry success, etc.). You have never been too far away from my mind. Sorry this is off topic.

Your friend,
Dave Kittrell

Pete said...

my new take on mark D:

I hope that he has a gay daughter. and that i have a gay daughter, and that our gay daughters fall in love. I am willing to co lead the wedding if he is!

but seriously,

I am gonna preach Jesus, crucified and raised from the dead. and also I will tell the agnostic that you don't have to believe the bible is perfect. and all this non bible believing people are gonna multiply as they run around lovin' jesus, spreadin the kin-dom, and drinking microbrews...muh ha ha ha ha ha