Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tripp goes to a CBF meeting

SO Zach and I are doing a little ditty at the state CBF meeting next week. It is based on part of my current project I am writing "Becoming Jesus’ church in the post-colonial world:reframing the mission and power of God." It is a post-colonial theology of the church that is based on a post-colonial reading of the synoptic narrative. Any way the piece for CBF is called "Friendship and Salvation: Advice for the missional church from the wee little man." Once Zach and I have done it I will post it for those who may be interested but not in Hickory.


bev said...

perhaps I will see you at the meeting.....can't wait to hear yours and Zach's little ditty....title sounds interesting...bev.

The Omnimodern Epoch said...

The title of this post reminds me of an "Ernest goes to..." movie. I expect the subsequent plot line to be quite similar, as well.

Tripp said...

Yes Mike you are correct. I am even going to serve a meal of eggsoronious, which comes from the most profound of the Ernest movies where he goes to camp. This is also the one where you hear Ernest break out in a song of lament, "I'm oftly glad it's raining, cause you can't see my tear drops in the rain..." Ohh yeah Ernest is good. Plus who hasn't catapulted hundreds of snapping turtles with parachutes on the bad guys.